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Our story

Hey! My name is Gowrav Vishwakarma and I am the owner of Xavoc Technocrats and Founder of EPAN. I built this company with the intent on giving you the Easy and affordable all in one tools to take your business on-line and manage it. I would want for myself and my team. Whether you want online store, inventory management system, automated payment processing, customers management system or full ERP. 

In the past creating online store and sell online was Difficult. Infect now as well if anyone want to sell their product or service online, just to get started, they would need 10+ software and systems like website designer, payment processing platform, inventory & accounting management, CRM, email management, employee management systems and many more, not just that, you also need a developer who glue all together and manage it for you so it works for your business.

 I became saddened when I hear lots of business owners and start ups are straggling. That was the time I was inspired to create the xEPAN, an Easy On-line Store builder with all in one ERP Suit. I understand it’s so frustrating as business person, store owner and entrepreneur, I wanted to have a simple system which anyone can plug in, create on-line store, get it online and start making sales, which ACTUALLY put money in your pocket.

I loved the idea to provide tools to people who want to build their dream business and online store as it feel I am also a part of their dreams. After 2 years of research and countless hours we launched xEPAN, to bring the powerful online store builder with all in one EASY business management system yet AFFORDABLE for any store owners, start ups or business person like you and me.

Empowerment and digitalization of traditional business, aspiring entrepreneurs is the need of today's era,  with small & medium size business, traditional shop and startup having xEpan as business buddy, change will happen at the grassroots level.

I want you to have one of the best all in one online store creator and management system, through that you can save tons of your money and time.  Now when I hear from people who feel happy, facing no problems with bringing their business online and managing it and living enjoying life style they deserve, it really feels so great.

Heart of xavoc

We are proud to present the team behind Xavoc, which has put in-numerous hours, days & nights to get you something best. Let the pics speak about them. 


Gowrav Vishwakarma

Always eager to speak, judging things & making corrections. The brain behind Xavoc system & excellent coder, CEO.



Rakesh Sinha

The muscle behind Xavoc services. The fearless coder, ready to face any challenge & a quick solution implementer , CTO.


Priti Vishwakarma

As crazy as this pic, the connecting bond between the core team & every Xavoc Team member, Director.



Monika Gupta


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