Download V0.92 RC 15 (Released 24 Sept 2018)

xEpan community edition is available to download. Please follow the following steps to install locally

  • Download ZIP file
  • Extract folder in your webroot
  • Windows Users: Run windows.bat file as Administrator first to create symlinks
  • Access your installation in browser like http://localhost/you_folder_extracted
  • Create an empty database first
  • For first time installer should be opened, fill the details and click Install Button at bottom.
  • Let system installation finish
  • You are done !!!

Requirement (installation)

We strongly recommend Linux system, but XEC has been tested on windows and Macs also. The requirement for XEC As of current version is a bit strict. This needs PHP 7.0 ~ 7.1 (not 7.2) and Mariadb 10.1 (Not tested but equivalent MySQL should work as well).
XEC is tested on apache 2.4 as well as stable nginx. Apache 2.4 uses .htaccess file while nginx rules can be converted for same or call us for help in setup ;) .

xEpan is different, if you ever confuse in very start, No issues, we got you covered, Just come to our community forum and put your queries, we will guide you to set up. And soon you will find, our approach is much better and faster than traditional ones.


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