Why our web to print platform solution is best

Gowrav Vishwakarma

Epan is an open source CMR/CRM and ERP, You can create stunning website and e-commerce in the best ways a tool can provide, but Epan is a modular application, our e-commerce application is also ready for personalizing products selling on your e-commerce. We named that product xPrint. Our hosted service and Open Source version do not contain that printing module but you can purchase it as a separate special installation. It is also known as a web-to-print module, let's understand more about it.

What is web to print solution?

E-Commerce for printing industry is not as for others, you cannot sell things directly like others can do. In printing Industry every product needs to be personalized as per individual requirement, let it be visiting card, brochure, calendar (You may want your family pics and events in your calendar) or anything.

Solutions that allows you to create templates for various designs, and then your customers can select those designs, personalize them and order online with payment through payment gateways. These applications are called web to print solutions and are the best product for any printing industry.

Why Epan Web to print is the best platform?

Managing online print-shop is just one side of the coin, another side is your existing traditional market, that must not get disturbed. That's what xPrint take care. xPrint not only gives you online shop but also manages your offline traditional business. Including quote to a cash system. for our online demo, you can go to http://printing.epan.in.

Interested, know to need more about our online print shop application?

You are most welcome to ask for a demo or to look at some of the existing videos at http://epan.in/printing

For demo visit http://printing.epan.in



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