Tracking sales employee is sometimes a must have feature

Gowrav Vishwakarma


Okay, so we at Xavoc and as a business consultant of so many companies, always looking to encourage a great dedicated culture at organizations. It always helps in getting the best productivity from every stack-holder in a company. But, A BIG BUT. 
There are always some elements, that are hard to tackle, and our experience shows it is always those employees that eat most of the productive time and energy for managers and the company itself. 

Any ERP / CRM like ours must be equipped to handle all sort of situations. And that's why we are proud to present a new feature added in Xavoc ERP / CRM (XEC).

Track Sales Employee Location in CRM

There are two aspects to this feature. First is with a genuine employee, you know what, they have no issues with this. Second, Those are now captured, Well here also, If they agree, the productivity goes up. No matter how much. And those who don't want to be tracked!!! Do you still need such employees that do not want to be responsible?

How to track sales executives location

In XEC, it's super easy. You install a simple android app in their mobile with the given API. and when you trace employees current task, like on which task they are working, from how long, what they did in a day long, you will also receive their current location.


And that's not it just. If you click on the Last location you will get the location on google map. To make things simple we are not using any Google service that requires API key to be registered from google. It simply works, as long as Google gives it free ;).

Show Google map of a sales employee current location

Once you click on the Last location, you will get the current location of an employee in google map, something like this:

Isn't it cool?

How to get sales employee location tracing service?

You don't have to do anything special for this. If you are an existing XEC user, simply apply for this add-on on early bird price. XEC itself is a great ERP /CRM that solves a number of another simple day to day business problems. 

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What else we have in our ERP / CRM?

A lot, cannot cover a lot many things in this article. You are welcome to roam around and have a look at various segments on the site. You will be surprised to know, how beautifully we have though being in your shoes. Not just a data collection and retrievals. We have thought for your business in mind. 



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