Remove the “like button” and allow to “comment anonymously” to save the World / Humans.

Gowrav Vishwakarma

Okay, I know it can be dangerous what subject says, specially anonymous comment, but read for a while and you will agree with me.

Likes and comments (that is mostly wow, cool, super pic even while there is nothing special in some pic) Are the world most dangerous enemies. trust me worse than any virus on this planet. I am not against social media, but these two things making generation lazy, falsely satisfied and killing there basic instinct of being human, “To fight” or “To Evolve”. Yes humans are loosing these two things. And nature still working at it’s best, it keeps evolving. “Since we have stopped evolving, nature has started evolving something else, that is a parasite that live and growth in/through/by humans and we are naming it AI. 


Well, for a while just consider today’s AI as element even before one-cell things. But soon they will grow. Nature is about to grow, It is not dependent on live or dead. This whole universe is evolving, planets have no life but things are evolving. Then why not this AI as a substitute of human evolution. Soon we will be implanting (or infant we are doing) this AI with us and this parasite will love to evolve around us. 


Okay, being Indian, We are studying AI in very different manner and what we got is very different things/results. 


Now, what the subject line relates with this matter?


It does, I am always saying these two factors has given local maxima effect. When some one thinks he is already on top and reached where they wanted to, they stops fighting. And that makes evolution stopped. 

In today’s world, Human species has started dividing. One is the species, that is still evolving, They are using their minds, they have high goals and that are available in limited edition. Second, who has found their local maxima. They are satisfied with a couple of more like than expected and some cools comments. It is making them happy. Their pituitary gland for pleasure is satisfied. And they are more or less dead for the evolution purpose. Believe me, this is that dangerous. Now once you started getting satisfied with false things, gadgets and showing luxury becomes their need. and with just a new iPhone they got satisfied. 


It’s like getting satisfied with masturbation over sex, This stops, new birth.


So, the first species of humans, that is still evolving are making gadgets and AI and bla bla bla for finally sales and profit or their own satisfaction to be a creator. And where these will be used, on mass population, that is already being dead.  So AI will evolve around them. Am I looking like science fiction writer to you ? 


No, but this is what we see when we study current education system, personal psychology, ancient people and their thought, old regional books, evolution till now and when we combine all of them we see where we are going. I might not be having a official degree in those streams, but my thinking over this make me nervous. 


And I cannot do anything, I am not satisfied yet, And I am even not from the first species. I belongs to and always wanted to be the third species. Who want to enjoy life, who want new inventions to help but not like today’s world. And after thinking a lot, and studying on human behaviour. What I found that If not social sites banned, they should remove things like ‘Like’ or ‘comments’. (I know this is useless suggestion) 


Just consider how should be life without Facebook. It would be better, since people will not be pleased by small things they will keep trying like they were 10-50 years back. Illiteracy and unemployment was always there but skill-gap like today was never there. People don’t want to learn, they think they are best because of there local maxima they are in. This will not let them pleased so early and will not give them way to express their anger on small things as well.

Well, Am I saying that Mark Jugarburg is responsible for this mankind collapse, Hell no, but yes he is one of major player in my views. I am not tagging any good name in here because right now I am no body. But if you feel this article has something in it, do tag “species one” person in comments. Or like my article if this is another direction to at least think with.


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