Best seo Tips And Tricks 2020 for How to get website on google first page for free And How to rank fast on google (Even during Covid)

Gowrav Vishwakarma

Okay, first let me appeal you to share this article if it helps you. Do not keep knowledge with yourself. Help it in spread. We all Open source developers believe in sharing. You also must have taken benefits of such tools and contents. Now, I appeal you to start giving. If you can't pay its okay, but do give them credits. And share there contents. It should be your moral responsibility at least.

So, Do we have something different really in this article like some extra ordinary SEO tips and tricks?

Yes, trust us, it will not be just like another article repeating same things that you already know. Well, Things I'll be sharing you definitely know but I'll give you another perspective to look for sure.

So, we do have something new and different approach to execute and look at things. As I always say "Things are easy we make them complex, but simple things are harder to understand" - Gowrav Vishwakarma.

To understand this in better we need to understand something that we are taking in the total wrong.

Why do we think your understanding of SEO is different than ours?

You always try to thinks like Google, and we on other hand try to think like developers who developed Google. It makes a big difference. Really. We are developers at this end and not web designers. We have contributed to a number of open source tools that helps web designers and developers. So, we think in terms of "what if we were given to create another search engine? what content our search engine should look and how we would be coding that code that will give ranks to contents". Now, that's some really different. We will not only look for content but we will have to code that as well. and guess what, we are quite good in all the technologies that Google is using now a days. well, don't laugh. we will have our days soon :)

So, what do we think is the main part you must be interested in.

Just give me best SEO tips and tricks ... :D

Okay, Okay ... Lets have these points here

Don't try to rank you website, try to rank your pages

Don't try to rank your website, it never happens at first place. If we were coding, we would be searching for content (okay, let me be clear here) So we were looking for content that we will find on any particular page not on website. Now think, there is nothing called as website, just pages. So we will be finding our content on various pages not on website. Pages get ranked not website at first place. So to create content always focus on why your THIS Page (That you are designing right now) should get ranked on which content.

Now consider again second thing, When something searched on google or bing or any search engine, they will return you some links that point to a page not just the domain of websites, This makes a lot of sense. Might be easy if you know SEO, but I am trying to make things easy for beginners also. So, even if you know a lot of things, please keep reading. And if you like something good, please do share this post :)

Your scattered content will not give your website ranking

When you think of your website, you think of it as a product or service oriented website, well, Google does not see it like this. Google or any other search engine see "every page" with certain information and your website is considered as best for the common of that content. Still, when searched the page contents are displayed. Silly, but important thing.

So next time if you see your website, do not see it as your product or service website. Just see the page in-front of you. and why this page should have been ranked. That's it.

Too much information distorts you designing of website, should you sacrifice beauty for ranking?

Well, read again, what to get for what to lose. But there are some beautiful workarounds. (I'll come to back links etc too later). So you want your site to be presented nicely to your visitors but Google wants to see if you have perfect content to deliver that user they are sending you.

Now, here comes conflict of interest. Google and you both want to give proper content to your user but a big BUT google gives information preference over beauty (It cannot see your website beauty at all by the way) and you prefer the presentation of that content in a beautiful way.

So, Question remains, do you need to sacrifice beauty to provide more of good content. No. Just keep reading.

Best SEO tip and Trick no 1 - Stick with basics

The first tick is, there is no trick at all. Sometimes in writing your content (Whatever you are providing or writing on your website) is okay. Because you also want to give some best information to your visitors. BUT,  you or your web designer sometimes accidentally skips the basics. They forget how to use word processor. (Simple example of such mistakes, usually done by beginners, they use multiple spaces instead TAB ;) )

HTML (the language in which your web-page is written basically, has defined tags for various type of content like what is your paragraph about anything. And there should a heading above that paragraph that should be something bigger and bold. Here comes the catch, I have seen a lot of persons making just font size bigger and making the text bold. DO NOT DO THIS. Html has some dedicated tags for headings H1 ... H6. Use them in proper nesting.

So as for the first tip, even if you know this thing, check your websites if you have missed that.

Best SEO tips and tricks add-on for no 1

Whatever you write in that h1..h6 tags ( header in HTML ) should contains the phrase that you want your website to come on rank. PHRASE, do not work on words, it's useless. So if you want to make your website to be searched for "best pre-school in town" make sure you have exact same phrase in your headers and your content should complement that header. No nonsense in paragraph. because if we were training our bots in search engine we would always wanted to eliminate such jerks.

The Paragraph (Content) should also have the phrase or slimier phrase made up of exact words (you can re-arrange them with a gap of a few words like

Heading: Best School in town
Content: ... We are considered as the best school in town because ...
or ... There are a number of schools in town but we are best because ...

Best SEO tip and Trick no 2 - How Blogs helps

Write Blogs: (wait, we have something different here. If not in content than in perspective of view for sure.

Who writes blogs, bloggers, who are crazy for writing and they just write and write. Why you should write a blog while you just sell shampoo (just for example)

Because of SEO. You have a beautiful website that you do not want to stuff with contents that user is searching. And just saying "best shampoo for rough hair" is not good enough as everyone in your competition is also using the same. Now, how to stuff information on your website without disturbing your website look and feel. BLOGS. Yep, you got it write. But we always suggest your blog should be on your website not on any other blogging site.

Best SEO tips and tricks add-on for no 2 - Blog for phrases

What to write for on your blog? If you have sufficient content to write on your web blog it's okay. If not, I got a suggestion for you. Write down your all phrases on a page that you want your website to be searched on. Now make a sentence around that phrase and write an article (blog) on that line. Use that phase more than once in various headers and in your paragraph content. 

If your CMS provides SEF, make sure its URL contains exact phrase that you want your PAGE to be on google ranking. like: look at the URL of this blog.

Best SEO tips and tricks add-on 2 for tip no 2 - Not everything in a blog, make multiple instead

Your product might have a number of features of points to say. Do not try to say all in once. Your user has landed on this blog by searching a particular phrase? right? So, understand that he is searching for that information. Give them as much information about that topic as you have. You can link to your other features at the end so that will be like add-on for him to go for your product.

Get your website ranking tip no 3 - Google WebMaster not Google Analytic

You do not need to google analytic on day one. SEO experts are making you fool. (For Most mid and small scale companies)

Why not? Google Analytic is a tool to do analysis on your visitors, where they are coming, what they are searching, or what should be your next business step for that coming interest. Google Analytic is for business not for your website. Your website does not have that number of visitors yet to do an analysis. You first need visitors and google analytic does not help in that so much.

Then what ? you need instead. Ask your SEO person to create an start managing account on Webmaster instead. What does it do? It helps you to connect your website with Google. It helps you to inform Google about your content, what are pages, etc ... (Not going in that details now)

SEO tip addon for no 3 - sitemap is more important than you think

Create proper sitemap for your pages and blogs contents and submit them to google with webmaster. Do submit sitemap whenever you write a new couple of pages. Write content, regularly. And don't forget to submit sitemap if a few new content is introduced.

Does it help rank faster on google

Yes, webmaster tool and submitting your sitemap.xml to google forces google to visit and recheck your pages. You don't have to wait for google crawler to come to your site on next visit. So, yes, once your site and it's over all content look great with good visits, Google crawls faster automatically, so you will not need to re submit your sitemap frequently.


Why is Epan website builder considered as best website builder with SEO?

Okay, it's not about our own marketing, but yes, our open source and hosted website builder tool does it very well. In Epan you can create multiple aliases and they all will get submitted to the sitemap.xml file (That is created automatically with proper optimization for google rankings). We are working to do most of the obvious things in our tools to get you do bets practices. For more about our tool, you can visit rest of website.


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